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Murder on the Orient Express Movie Review

  • 7.3/10
    Critic's Rating - 7.3/10

A good deed must never go unawarded, and a bad one must never go unpunished. That was his belief.

One of the most celebrated murder mystery writers of the English language, Agatha Cristie, would probably be satisfied by this attempt of adaptation of her novel of the Murder on the Orient Express (same name). This is not just a film, it’s a result of the incredibly hard work of the director-actor Kenneth Branagh, who does both the jobs satisfactorily. Branagh especially must be lauded for his direction because the film keeps you hooked from beginning to end with the suspense, and with picturesque visuals at times as well.


The story is about the greatest detective of the world who was called upon to solve a rather simple case in the Jerusalem. Events led him to board the Orient Express, whose captain is an old friend. Amongst the several interesting characters in the train he meets, one has his life threatened. Murder on the Orient Express is yet another example of how a good cinema is actually a result of the collective effort of everyone, and despite this being a solo show of Branagh, the cast and crew’s effort is what really makes this one a good film. The biggest selling point of this movie, aside from the writing adaptation, was its stellar cast.

Aside ffom Branagh(its tiring to mention him this many times, but if he wasn’t tired in his job then why should I?), there are Penelope Cruz(underused) , Daisy Ridley, Judy Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe(underused)  and many more. Most of the performances content the heart, but it really is a Kenneth Branagh show, and he does justice to the role. From the Eastern European accent to the nuances in the character’s life, Branagh shows the world how to do the best of both worlds. Some may call it a bit loud, but definitely not overacting by any limits. Aside from that, the Murder on the Orient Express’s biggest achievement is the replication of the vintage era, although some scenes of the train in CGI will make you laugh and remind you of the animated movie Polar Express. The movie also asks some deep questions very artistically. The thrill is kept well throughout and the action sequence isn’t too shabby either.

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A movie that should be a good time to spend upon for every macabre lover.



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