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Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List | Watching experience

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  • 9.8/10
    Critic's Rating - 9.8/10

Steven Spielberg‘s Schindler’s List is the most harrowing movie watching experience of my life, in the most poignant sense of the word.With due respect to the great filmmaker that Spielberg is, I would prefer talking about Oskar Schindler‘s story than the film itself.

An astute, opportunist businessman who is exploiting the War and its repercussions to his benefit by enslaving the Jews, in his own words, and unintentionally saving them from being, indifferently, killed. This undevised action of his, gives hope to thousands of Jews.

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The film is about the journey of this Nazi Businessman who goes from being an opportunist to a Messiah who ultimately saves 1100 lives and breaks down wondering why he could not save a few more lives by selling the car and the Gold pin, with the Swastika on it.

Spielberg and the Writer Steven Zaillian give us moments from time to time, which shackle the gloss of the modern world that we have been conditioned to look at, moments that compel you to question the mere existence of this world and what it is worth. Every time Oskar Schindler’s soul is stirred, the audience is moved, too. And then, with him, you grow.. you grow to see the Good and the Bad in this world, you learn, like a student when he, failingly, explains the meaning of true Power, to an indifferent Nazi.

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By the end of this experience, as you watch Spielberg’s evocative visuals, through teary eyes, you are cleansed, your mind and soul are cleansed off all the hatred you harboured for anything in life and convince yourself to be loving towards the world, a world that, from time to time, produces an Oskar Schindler and bid good-bye to a world that thrives on hatred and coast along towards a hopeful, peaceful tomorrow.

The sheer barbarity of the events, gave me a feeling that it was distant from us, a much older and forgotten savagery in history that was as old as the Earth but the fact that these atrocities occurred less than a hundred years ago, amplifies the soul piercing impact of it. One cannot help but wonder, why Man would resort to savagery after 1900 years of existence and learning. After understanding our place in the universe, in the solar system and discovering several fascinating machines, after building civilizations that boast of their achievements in science and social life, Man still found a reason to unleash his beastly side and none of his accomplishments over 1900 years, stopped him from doing that.

Thank you, Oskar Schindler. Thank you, Steven Spielberg.

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