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Tomb Raider (2018) Movie Review

Tomb Raider (2018)_HD_Poster
  • 7/10
    Critic's Rating - 7/10

The soul of an adventurer dies with their last adventure, but the legacy lives on top three are no more adventures.

In Tomb Raider (2018), Director Roar Uthaug brings back the character of Lara Croft back to the silver screen, this time with the sweet and perfect Alicia Vikander, in this reboot. Alicia Vikander, with her baby face yet very toned midriff, was the perfect choice for the character of Lara Croft, and she does justice with her acting skills most of the time. However, there are certain action scenes where you would expect an estranged, city dwelling youngster to at least look scared or be hurt for good when slammed around constantly. But then again, which action movie has portrayed the protagonist not impervious to damages.

Tomb Raider (2018)_HD_Poster

Anyway, Tomb Raider (2018) story begins with the myth of the Japanese Queen Himiko and her supposedly deadly powers, which were suppressed by burying her alive in a desolated island surrounded by deadly seas(obviously). And we also get to hear Richard Croft’s ( Dominic West) monologue about leaving her teenage daughter for some important work. As we move forward through the movie we see how the young Lara is a total badass and living a hard life, denying his father’s disappearance as his death and so his immense wealth till one day she eventually agrees to it. But what she finds from him is a mysterious note which leads her to where he might have gone in his last adventurer. So she decides to seek out her father, crossing continents and cruising through dangers to reach the island where he last went, which was the island where the myth is buried. Rest is obviously, something you need to watch in a theater as anything more will spoil the movie.

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As for performances, Alicia Vikander does a great, if not perfect, job as the rebel with a cause. Bonus points for her incredible fitness and her stunt double’s guts. Dominic West plays his role just fine, and so does Daniel Wu. Walter Goggins is surely an interesting antagonist, with hollowness in his eyes for being stuck in the mission for long and menace in his action to complete it soon. But this is an action movie, and surely the action sequences are well thrilling and entertaining throughout. The movie could’ve done more with the puzzles though, but its fairly present. As for the cons of the movie there’s not much really bad one could say. Lack of a strong second character is felt throughout the movie.

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A must watch for Alicia’s and the game series’ fans.



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