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Gully Boy (2019) Review | The reality hits Hard, Very Hard

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  • 8.5/10
    Critic's Rating - 8.5/10

“Kaun bola, kaun bola?
Mujhse na ho payega!”
I couldn’t have asked for a better note to start expressing my views on Zoya Akhtar’s latest directorial, than what commences the anthem ‘Apna time aayega’.
Why? Because these above lines are probably her reply too to those who have always been claiming that she makes only “urban” movies.  She’s done it now, and how hard-hitting an experience this is.

Gully Boy HD ImagesIn its entirety, the movie has so many layers to its writing (by Reema Kagti), which get wonderfully portrayed on celluloid under the master execution of Zoya. Loosely based on the journey of rappers Divine and Naezy, she never lets the movie come across as a mere underdog’s story of Murad’s claim to fame. Like every other world that Zoya creates, it has several themes besides the same, revolving around several relatable humane characters – eventually making this story about our ‘Gully Boy’, but not entirely about him.

The central character namely Murad (Ranveer Singh) is not even the first character in the movie who gets introduced to us. He’s there in the frame, but gets captured (through the lens of cinematographer Jan Oza) as just another human around in this world of rags. And just when the focus shifts to him, we see Ranveer (thankfully) not adding any over the top antics to his part. Instead, he makes us believe that he is Murad – an underconfident yet ambitious Dharavi lad. Clearly at his best, he adheres to a vulnerable body language, which so well complements the vibe around his part and what his world of narrow lanes of Dharavi is about. To his credit, the pain and anger get subtly expressed through his eyes (though not better than Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s title track), but the moment the same translates into his rap, the expression turns all loud and unabashed.

Gully Boy HD ImagesFew minutes into the narrative, we get to know that the movie is a love story too. Murad is shown in a long-term relationship with the unapologetic Safeena, whose portrayal is on the able shoulders of Alia Bhatt. For the portrayal is done by Alia, trust her to break down convincingly with non-repetitive mannerisms. Special mention for the imagery of how the wrapping of “Hijaab” round her head brought out the strong version of her in front of the world, but when she lets all her emotions flow in secrecy, the same happens to her hair too.

By the end of the first act, Murad gets a mentor and supporter in ‘MC Sher’ by his side, played by the debutant Siddhant Chaturvedi. In no way does his act feel like a ‘first-time’, as he just walks and talks with sheer confidence and much unapologetically (everyone in this world is much unapologetic about being themselves!). With an act so powerful and plausible, he seamlessly matches the high (sometimes very high) energy of Ranveer.

Gully Boy HD ImagesGully Boy had merely risen, and he gets introduced to Sky – portrayed by Kalki Koechlin (A clear Zoya favorite). What is amusing more than her effortless act is the case of her name vs her role in the movie. Being on a distinctive tone from the rest of the characters in the movie, she had a different way of expressing her rebel – painting the street walls red (taking the ‘Paint it Red’ anthem from ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ literally). Finding some banners or pamphlets clichély misleading, she sprays them black, overwriting on them her own alternative views. Once close to Sky, Murad realizes that he can be in her vicinity for the moment, but that vividly is not everlasting considering the ‘ground’ where he has come from.

After long due, Vijay Raaz gets a role, the part of Murad’s frustrated and violent father, matching his caliber. Watch out for his pre-climax sequence with Ranveer. Sheeba Chaddha gets little to do as Safeena’s ‘slap rather than say’ mother, but is a true icing on the cake that the cast is.

Gully Boy HD ImagesBeing all about music, it got me constantly tapping my foot to those peppy hip – hop beats, which later get complimented by lines ranging from raw rap (by Divine) to soulful poetry (penned by Javed Akhtar). More love for keeping the background score quite low throughout the proceedings, which makes way for everything to be expressed through the lines and music; eventually escalating the impact of the movie. With so much to convey just through the lines, the soundtrack has been cleverly blended in the narrative. Other than the obvious ‘Apna time aayega’, my other favorite from the soundtrack is the ‘Meri gully mein’ song. The entire car sequence prior to the ‘Doori’ track has been magically created under what looked like a blanket of stars, with the right expression of emotions through the right lines injected at the right runtime.

With so many emotions and layered themes getting explored so authentically, it’s hard to realize that the movie has a runtime of over 155 minutes – until it ends at an all-time high of adrenaline rush. In the final sequence of ‘Apna time aayega’ song, I was singing aloud along with the crowd and our Gully Boy – where the movie just suddenly ended with a bang, leaving one gasping for more. Kudos to Zoya and her team for delivering the expected. It’s hard to find faults here!

Watch its Trailer here: Gully Boy (2019) Trailer – YouTube

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  • “Salaam thok, chal sar jhuka..
    Dum dabaa, rasta naap le.
    Kapde silaile maine apne dam pe..
    Nahi liye kisi ke baap se!”
    Dialogues are just awesome and #BohotHard ,which actually fit in every single situation of Gully Boy!
    Best movie I have ever seen ❤️

  • Very well interpreted. The movie is as awesome as you’ve written about it.
    Especially the ‘Doori’ poem:
    “Ab dekho toh hum paas hain lekin..
    Socho kitni doori hai!” ?

  • The movie is as awesome as you have explained. Very well interpreted.
    Especially the ‘Doori’ poem:
    “Ab dekho toh hum paas hain lekin..
    Socho kitni doori hai!” ?

  • So so so so well written. What I loved in your review the most was the detailing of characters, their mannerisms, and emotional states you have mentioned.
    Great observer you are – for body language, symbols and personality of characters. Please keep writing.. you have language blessing. That doesn’t offer merely linguistics but you integrate it with talent. Keep writing. ????