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Rashomon (1950) Movie Review

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Legendary director Akira Kurosawa a very interesting interpretation to the silver screen, based on the short story “In the Grove” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The movie, Rashomon itself revels on an excellent screenplay done by Kurosawa and Shinobu Hashimoto. Rashomon itself the word denotes ‘Gate’ and is used in several different stories, although in the movie it is not used as a reference (or maybe it had which I failed to notice).

Lying to yourself is even more convenient than lying to someone else.

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The premise of Rashomon is of a murder committed in the woods, and retelling of the same incident by different people. The catch being each version is to satisfy their own self, and the existence of truth is questioned to the root. The existence of justice in this world is also questioned, and the answer is thankfully the optimistic one. The only facts about the story which should be revealed here without blowing away the suspense is that murder of a husband is committed, and his wife is  forced by a bandit. Rest all depends on which story you believe – the husband’s, the wife’s, the bandit’s or another person who shouldn’t be named here.

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The pros of this movie are many, including the gluing direction, the background score which grows on you with passing of the movie and the admirable performances by the actors, especially the short one by the channeller. But the best thing in this movie which sets standards for generations to come, is the screenplay. Each of the dialogue uttered to provoke thinking hits the nail in the head, and may leave you with the philosophy for days. As for the acting, the star Toshiro Mifune easily wins the game, although for 2018 it might be loud for the audience. Other actors have done very well too. But really, you can re-watch Rashomon over and over just to listen to the perfect words again and again.

A must watch for the ones who love classical movies.

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