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Mission: Impossible- Fallout Movie Review

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  • 8/10
    Critic's Rating - 8/10

Mission Impossible Fallout : Review

For an action thriller movie to be perfect,it has to have unexpected twists in storyline, impressive characters, nail biting action sequences, gorgeous women and of course the infamous sprints of Tom Cruise. With that regard the latest, and possibly the best until now, venture of Ethan Hunt is out to be declared as perfection, even though this word is rarely used to define a genre not called Drama. Director Christopher McQuarrie brings us a roller coaster ride that is enjoyable to its fullest, with practically no dull moments throughout. This is a laudable feat considering the reputation of the series and the expectations fans bring with themselves to watch Mission Impossible Fallout. Considering he wrote, directed and produced the movie he surely is the biggest winner with this successful game.

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Mission Impossible Fallout, Story is fairly well written whereas the direction of action sequences is top notch. The plot starts with our team of heroes(Cruise, Pegg, Rhames) losing a nuclear power resource capable of being utilized as an portable atomic bomb to terrorists, which they have to retrieve at any cost. They have an unwelcome addition in their team, Agent Walker (Henry Caville with weird facial hair) kudos to their earlier failure. Agent Walker is notorious for being effective and ruthless, and seems ready to ditch Hunt for the mission. Along the mission Hunt meets two women from his past, one of them thoroughly interested in his mission. This simple plot runs the movie pretty smoothly, with some very welcome and well tuned twists and surprises.

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Tom Cruise plays his favorite agent role yet again in a way which is satisfying and enthralling at the same time. Pulling off all those action sequences is a very feat praiseworthy in itself, and he did it in style, at an age of 56. Simon Pegg gives us the much needed comic relief at the best times, and does not disappoint as an agent himself. Ving Rhames plays his role cool. Rebecca Fergusson too is a wonderful actor and pretty good looking as well in this installment. Henry Caville, unfortunately, is probably the only not so strong link in the chain here, but that doesn’t mean he was bad.

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A very strong acting performance is lacking, but once again Mission Impossible Fallout sticks to its genre and fulfills us with great action. Another beautiful thing is cinematography of the movie. Not only the movie shows us great urban scenery of the Europe, it also shows us the magnificent valleys of Kashmir in the end. All in all this is surely a movie even those who favor art movies cannot diss, because an action movie done with this finesse is an amazing piece of art in itself.

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