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Tag 2018 Movie Review

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  • 6.2/10
    Critic's Rating - 6.2/10
Tag 2018 Movie, There is the strange game in the USA, called Tag…… it is, quite simply, a game usually played by kids, mainly boys. One lays a hand on one’s friend.. and says Tagged! ..and then, the poor tagee has to carry something akin to psychological leprosy with him, until he or she can find a third member of the cohort of friends in on the game, to thence tag onwards. It’s what kids did, before Instagram, I guess….. and, God forbid, Pokemon Go, on iPhone apps. As we all know, People have followed their phones onto trains tracks and over cliff edges in search of the pokeman allstars, so if Charles Darwin was alive today, he’d be for sure giggling at that one; Natural selection was never so cruel, but hey.
Tag 2018 Movie Review
Anyway, the Tag game: Some American guys in the USA in the early 90s decided to keep their game going, through high school, college.. and now, work; yes, this is based on a true story of about 10 guys who carried this Tag game on, flying thousands of miles during every month of May to rekindle the daftness. The Producers no doubt saw the success of The Hangover Franchise…… and decided that there was money to be made in them-there tags. So, in keeping with my Hangover reference, perennial middle-aged juvenile Ed Helms palys one of the grown men hell-bent on keeping this thing going; roped in for good measure is Jeremy Renner (Who plays his tagger like a commando), Isla Fisher (for some female angle for the viewers, even though the real life taggers never found anyone of the skirted variety daft enough to join in), and the fine Actor Jon Hamm (TV’s “Mad Men” lead), who really should’ve known better than to get involved in Tag 2018 Movie.
Tag 2018 Movie Review 2
Tag 2018 Movie is not Entirely awful; but some elements and scenes in it make “CaddyShack”, or even “Happy Gilmore” look like a documentary by Alex Gibney. It’s terribly juvenile; it’s slack in it’s credibility (It accords extreme Army-athleticism to one character, Jeremy Renners’, in order to give a more dynamic action to the ‘players’; but in real life I’d say the (now) men who inspired this story would be hard pressed to chase after a hedgehog, much less a fleet-of-foot runner-from-the-tag. The most interesting tag player is the stoner, who is constantly high on Cannabis; he, improbably, still cares to leave his apartment at all, to buy food; why he’d leave his rooms, and drugs, to continue as a member of this daft posse of clownish guys tag-game, is anyone’s guess. A fulcrum sub-plot of the momentum of this film surrounds the main athlete of the bunch, played by Renner, getting his wife-to-be to hospital… as she is imminently expecting a child, his child. She turns up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, of all places, to get him to help her to the hospital.  Like I said: Daft as a box of Ferrets, the entire premise-and-climax; the only thing going for certain scenes is the super-Slo-Mo action, wherein a narrator can tell us in wry voice-overtones… why we should even care about these silly people.
Tag 2018 Movie Comedy
The end-credits show us real footage, of the real group of guys, who actually did this game, over the space of 23 years; newspaper cuttings and pictures of the disparate troop attesting to loyalty, and fun ,and whatnot, the promulgated mainstay reasoning of why they kept this game up for well over two decades. Still; some men play golf, chasing a ball; some men play computer games, chasing small-screen thrills; if this tag game gets these guys out of their cities every month on May (the long-standing arranged month), and lets them reconnect as old High School friends, then what harm? It’s still an odd film, and if you’ve got 12 dollars really bothering you, and it’s monsoon rains outside the cinema, and your car will not start at the Mall and huge family of Triceratops is stomping around the first floor Food court…. then go see this blancmange of a movie… but for no other reason. Really; no other reason :).

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