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Blade Runner 2049​ brief review | a Sci-Fi Classic

Blade Runner 2049 brief review

This review contains SPOILERS! So if you haven’t seen the movie already, I suggest you don’t read further.

Normally the POV characters are always the special ones. The one, the savior, the martyr – to be immortalized by followers, the lucky hero – who is always the center of everything and gets his way!

Blade Runner 2049 is a story about nobodies, with unreal memories – wishing to be special. A toy-boy, who wishes he was real, his memories were real, his dreams had value just like human beings. A holographic girl (Ana de Armas), who wishes she had a real body, she could be touched like real humans.


The story follows a stoic Replicant K (Ryan Gosling), who follows a lead on an android born by conception. His entrance into the movie starts by his descend from the clouds, like Nietzsche’s Übermensch (higher human). Through the whole story he believes he is the special one, in the end he discovers he is just another copy – with memories of the real miracle. He was just a side character ensuring the meeting of the father (Harrison Ford) and the miracle. But in the venture, he becomes more ‘humane’ than humans themselves – even though forgotten in the white snow.


As Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” Not only thoughts, but memories are just as essential in defining one’s own existence – constructing who we are. The movies leaves you with questions – what you remember, is it all real? Are you real? If your experiences were real, does it even matter?






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