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Cuba and the Cameraman- Why should you watch the new Netflix Documentary on Cuba?

Cuba and the cameraman Netflix Documentary on Cuba
  • 8.5/10
    Filmspell's rating - 8.5/10

Cuba and the cameraman review

Emmy winning filmmaker Jon Alpert ventures into Cuba and brings out the story of real Cuba in his documentary Cuba and the cameraman.

It begins in the wake of Cuba mourning the death of the long-standing leader Fidel Castro. Capturing empty streets and through the Cuban revolution, he uniquely observes the repercussions of Cuba’s 45 years tumultuous evolution on the people.

Due to Jon’s unique access to the island and his incredible understanding of Cuba through his friendship and trust nurtured over the years, he manages to bring out the most candid picture of Cuba ever seen.

‘Don’t fill my form’

Fidel Castro speaking at the UN (1979).

Being one of the first reporters from U.S to have interviewed Fidel Castro, Jon sets the tone just right when he films the displeased leader (due to customs officials handing forms before they got down) while on the flight to U.S to address United Nations. In his various meetings with Castro later on, Jon goes on to pull out a close portrayal of the Cuban leader.

Gregorio! Gregorio! …how are you?

Angel, Gregorio and Cristobal with Jon Alpert.

The three farmers that Jon befriended on his first visit to Cuba became the most interesting part of the documentary. Jon captures their life through thick and thin.

What makes it captivating is these very human stories that shaped Cuba. Jon talks about and follows the story of two other families and many such anecdotes in his expedition.

‘It is frozen in time’

Except for Havana which grew over the past few years things don’t move quickly in Cuba.

Driving through the streets of Cuba, Jon is unable to see much change over the course of years. What happened to the call from the great leader to save the revolution? Did the people lose faith in their leader or it’s still the same old slogan ‘I am Fidel’ that reigns  the streets of Cuba?

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 ‘The Real Cuba’ 

The socialist Cuba had a tumultuous past. Sanctions from the west and the fall of USSR left them in dire straits, but what did it mean for the people of Cuba? What is the story today? What happened to the Cuban revolution?

In a rare piece of work, he captures the ordinary Cuban life through human stories. Jon has just seemed to catch the right pulse of Cuba, the real Cuba.

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