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Best of Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard


So, there is a conversation going on between two characters, one of the character strongly delivers a dialogue and the camera pans to the other character, a girl with profound features and mesmerizing eyes, who doesn’t speak anything but manages to imbue a bazillion of emotions with eyes and facial expressions. Now, that is what Marion Cotillard does the best; and for that fact she is also known as a Silent-Actress.

Marion Cotillard, a French actress, singer-songwriter and musician; who belongs to an artistically inclined, bustling and creative household, is not only extravagantly competent when it comes to the art of acting, but also happens to be a muse to her male fans over the globe, as she is adorably beautiful.

From 1993 to till now, she has acted in many famous films, but here’s FilmSpell’s list of her best performances –

La Vie En Rose [2007]

Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose ( 2007)

In this biographical film, based on the life of French singer Edit Piaf, she deftly played the role of the protagonist; and as she has been a singer herself, her performance becomes so palpable.

Two Days One Night [2014]

Marion Cotillard in two days one night

In this Belgian-French-Italian drama, she plays Sandra, a young wife and mother, who goes through a nervous breakdown and takes a sabbatical, which makes her position in a precarious state.

The Immigrant [2013]


Marion Cotillard plays Ewa Cybulska, who, with his sister migrates to New York for a better life, but later gets entangled in an inadvertent murder.

Contagion [2011]


Highly intrigued by the script of the film, she had signed for the role of Dr. Leonora Orantes, whose main objective is to trace the MEV-1 pathogen. She totally delved into the character intricacies for this one and gave a performance that would be emulated for years to come.

The Dark Knight Rises [2012]

Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises

In this prevalently known film by Christopher Nolan, she played a pivotal role as Miranda Tate, who encourages Bruce Wayne to continue his father’s philanthropic works, but she is latterly unravelled as the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the one who manoeuvres Bane’s actions.

Public Enemies [2009]

Public Enemies 2009

In this film in which she plays a singer and waitress who becomes John Dillinger’s (Johnny Depp) love interest. She competently adapted the language and traits of the character and gave an impeccable performance.

Allied [2016]


In this intriguing war drama, she plays a French Resistance pilot, who gets into an affair with a Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot; but she is later identified as a German Spy.

Macbeth [2015]

Marion Cotillard in Macbeth [2015]

In this articulately written screenplay which happens to be British-French-American War historic drama film based on the play by William Shakespeare, Marion Cottilard has played the iconic Lady Macbeth.

Inception [2010]

Marion Cotillard in Inception

For this ambiguous role, in which, what Christopher Nolan explained as “the essence of femme fatale”, she was not only lauded by the audience, but also by Leonardo Di Caprio who quoted saying, “she can be strong and vulnerable and hopeful and heartbreaking all in the same moment, which was perfect for all the contradictions of her character.”

Rust and Bone [2012]

Marion Cotillard in Rust and Bone

In this unlikely romance drama, she plays a role of a girl with an amputated leg, who recovers from it after getting involved in a casual relationship with a guy, with who she latterly falls in love.

Midnight in Paris [2011]

Marion Cotillard in Midnight in Paris

In this comedy film directed by Woody Allen set up in the backdrop of Paris; Marrion Cottilard plays a girl named Adriana who spends time and gets hooked up with a creatively unfulfilled Hollywood screenwriter Gil Pender, who ultimately falls for her.

In her long filmography, she has diligently delivered extraordinary performances, which speak much about her acting forte; and that makes her among the best artistes out there.


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