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15 Unforgettable performances of Kate Winslet

For all those, who were born and brought up during the 1990s, would be definitely aware about the sensation that used to sparkle when Kate Winslet  appeared on their TV sets or the big screen. This ethereal beauty with unlikely yet alluring features, bewitching charm and the most unique mannerisms on and off screen is one of the most versatile actresses Hollywood has ever had.

This English actress, brought up at Berkshire, had studied drama from childhood and featured for first time on the British television in 1991 and on the big screen in 1994 in Heavenly Creatures. Amid her coeval stars like ravishingly beautiful Angelina Jolie, method actress Julia Roberts and universally loved Jennifer Anniston, Kate Winslet had emerged out to be the one endowed with extravagant acting skills and exuded versatility and her diverse filmography is an absolute evidence of it.

Here is FilmSpell’s list of selected films of Kate Winslet in which she delivered powerful performances –

  • The Reader [2008] –


The Reader

She has played the role of Hanna Schmitz, with who falls in love a teenager guy. She unfathomably evades latterly, and meets the guy when she has to face a trial for being a Nazi guard during World War II.


  • Revolutionary Road [2008] –

Revolutionary Road

She plays April Wheeler, wife of Frank Wheeler, with who she has two children; but latterly decides to move to Paris, as the issues emerge in the marriage.

  • The Dressmaker [2015] –

The dress maker

She plays a dressmaker, who gets accused of murder when she was a child, and later in the film, embarks on a vindictive journey and returns to her Australian town to take revenge from the people who had wronged her.

  • Little Children [2006] –

Little Children

She features as Sarah who is a homemaker who had been working on a doctorate in English, but abandons it to marry Richard and raise their 3-year old daughter, only to find out that Richard happens to an absurd online pornography addict. Later in the film, she finds a romantic interest in Brad, who is also going through a dysfunctional marriage. The film is based on the novel of the same name.


  • Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind [2005] –

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

In this film, which has a grammar of psychological thriller and weaves the story in a nonlinear pattern, she plays Clementine Kruczunski, whose relationship turns sour with Joel Barish. She portrays her character phenomenally in the film.


  • Heavenly Creatures [1994] –

She plays an affluent 15-year-old girl Juliet Hulme. This performance marked her first appearance on the big screen.

  • Sense and Sensibility [1995] –

Sense and Sensibility

In this British-American period drama based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, she plays Marriane Dashwood, one of the three sisters, who find themselves in an abysmal poverty after the death of their father.


  • Steve Jobs [2015] –


Steve Jobs

In this biographical film, which was based on the life of Steve Jobs, she plays Joanna Hoffman, Apple and NeXT marketing executive and Steve Job’s close confidant.


  • Finding Neverland [2004] –


Finding Neverland

She plays a widow named Sylvia, who has four kids; who latterly gets close to a playwright.


  • Jude [1996] –



In this British period drama film, she plays Sue Bridehead who shares a relationship with her cousin Jude Fawley, which becomes difficult to be accepted in society.


  • Hamlet [1996] –

In an adaptation of this Shakespeare’s play of the same title, she has played the role of Ophelia, noblewoman of Denmark and daughter of Polonius.


  • Contagion [2011] –


In this medical thriller disaster film, she has portrayed the character of Dr. Erin Mears, an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer. She had taken a lot of effort to get into the skin of the character.

  • Enigma [2001] –


In this espionage thriller, she has played Hester Wallace, who happens to be the housemate of the protagonist’s love interest, Claire. Latterly, she accompanies the protagonist Jerico to understand the intercepts stolen by Claire.


  • Iris [2001] –


She portrays the young Iris Murdoch, an Irish novelist, who shares a relationship with John Bayley, who is much younger than her.


  • Titanic [1997] –


Rose – The name is enough. She had literally announced her unassailable and invincible stardom with this performance, which is not only iconic in the history of cinema, but lured masses.

On this note, FilmSpell wishes Kate Winslet a very happy 42nd birthday.

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