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Tamasha (2015): My 5 Favourite Scenes

Tamasha HD Images

“Darta hai? Dar lagta hai, apni kahani mujhse puchta hai..kaayar.
Bata, Bol apni kahani, kya hai tere dil ke andar?”

The year was 2015, the day was 27th Nov.
The love for cinema by Imtiaz Ali that had skyrocketed after his last ‘Highway’ in 2014 is the prime reason that got me watching the FDFS of Tamasha – a movie about a stage that the world is. Quite Shakespearean in its approach to life, and how masterfully executed in each department. What was witnessed on celluloid enabled an entire generation of lost souls to find their true calling.

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Besides the obvious commendable vision of Imtiaz, the cinematography by genius Ravi Varman magnificently capturing ample metaphorical shots, the duo of Ranbir-Deepika managing to naturally say a lot more through their eyes, the captivating soundtrack by maestro AR Rahman – there is no factor that I can nitpick as wrong with this satisfying experience of a movie.
So, as the movie completes its 4 years, I, in chronological order, list down my 5 favorites scenes or moments from this unforgettable cinema I feel fortunate to experience:

Scene 1: Jab Don met Mona

Tamasha HD Images“Kya Teja ka sona tumhare paas hai?”

A fan of ‘Asterix in Corsica’ meets a ‘Catch-22’ reader on the dreamy island ‘Corsica’ of southern France. When the girl begins the small talk of general introduction, the guy refuses it as he doesn’t want to become the person he is in the everyday life of the real world. So, he becomes the ‘Don’, with her being ‘Mona’ – Mona Darling! Both set off in search of “Teja ka Sona”, which they certainly won’t find here, as this is metaphorically depicted as inner peace in the movie.

What follows is ‘Matargashti’ across the scenic Mediterranean locales. This all seems indeed like a dream on canvas, through the lens of virtuous Ravi Varman. The warm color palette he chooses to portray this happy Corsican world has instilled that undying craving in me to visit this dreamy place. Ah, Corsica!

Scene 2: Heer toh badi Sad hai

Tamasha HD Images“Ek din mujhe pata chala ki Santa Claus nahi hota hai. Bohot bura laga tha..
Par kya karein, nahi hota hai”

Years have passed since the Corsican vacay, and both Don and Mona finally meet as Ved and Tara respectively in the real world of Delhi. Her dreams of being with the Don have shattered as Ved is just another white-collar job guy here, striving to survive on the stage of harsh reality through his innate acting talent.

Initially being accepting of Ved’s attitude, the smile depicted on Tara’s face gradually fades in these window shots – to this final reaction in the frame above. These shots seem relatable, for dwelling apart from someone is no whimsical state of mind. It is always a gradual process, a reciprocation to the little sad realization that happens each day within one’s mind. This all gets her eventually rejecting the romantic proposal of Ved during his birthday celebration sequence.

Scene 3: The only problem is – “Haalaat”

“Andar se kuch aur hee hain hum..
Aur bahar se majboor.”

Always well-aware of his reality, Ved finds the rejection of Tara to his romantic proposal very bizarre. Our hero, heartbroken, commences a conversation with his auto driver who tells Ved how he himself had to sacrifice his Mumbai dreams of becoming a singer, to bow down to the traditional and mundane lifestyle seeking the cliche “Aata, Daal, Chawal”.

This story mirrors the story of Ved, captured masterfully by Ravi Varman in the little auto mirror. A crossover of tales of these two captivating artists occurs, and we see the visuals of Ved’s life story playing with the ‘Wat Wat Wat’ song in automan’s vocals in the background. What didn’t fit in the individual soundtrack is befitting in this movie sequence. Sheer ingeniousness!

Scene 4: The ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ sequence

Tamasha HD Images

“Tujhe toh pyaar ho gaya hai pagli..
Par kisi aur se.”

This is undoubtedly my favorite sequence of Tamasha. It is special for how beautifully their eyes do all the genuine talking more than the words. Tara tries to give their bond another chance and comes to say a sorry to Ved, only to witness the effect her rejection had on Ved. The conversation tries taking a dip into their psyche, where I ignore all the scientific terms (read: Bipolar disorder), to just cinematically see what life and love does to a soul.

Amidst the healing hug Tara gives to Ved, the magic on screen further unfolds as Alka and Arijit start singing to the romantically haunting tune of ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ by the maestro AR Rahman. The effect of this sequence is sheer intoxicating, as one just forgets everything else and sits back to see the charm infused on screen by the exceptional team.

Scene 5: The Run of Freedom

“Jise dhoonda zamaane mein, mujh hee mein tha..”

The assuaging presence of Tara back in his life gives Ved the strength to finally leave his mundane job. He returns to Simla to get his story completed by the storyteller(Piyush Mishra), to realize that all these stories are the same. This further empowers him for this run of freedom across the picturesque streets of Simla, to create his own distinct story of life and love.

In the above frame, our hero finds his audience in the clowns on benches cheering for him, as ‘Safarnama’ song plays in the alluring voice of Lucky Ali singing to Irshad Kamil’s intriguing lines. There is no looking back after this. The shots feat. Ved viewing himself in multiple mirrors disappear. He has finally found “Teja ka Sona” with the help of Tara. Ved is free to make his own unique story which he narrates to his father in the following sequence, to finally play the artist on stage and reconcile with his love Tara.

Watch the full movie on Netflix: Tamasha(2015) | Netflix

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