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Must-watch Bollywood horror movies

Hindi film industry, popularly known as Bollywood, has been churning out horror movies for decades. Still, there is a dearth of great horror movies in Bollywood. From Mahal (1949) to Ramsay Brothers’ horror movies till the 80s decade, a number of great Bollywood horror movies were made. After a hiatus of some years, it was Ram Gopal Varma who brought back a true and brilliant horror movie with Raat (1992). Here is a list of must-watch Bollywood horror films.

RAAT (1992)

Revathi shot into the limelight in the Hindi film industry with Ram Gopal Varma’s Raat. Mini (Revathi) along with her family members moves into their new house and starts experiencing unexplained incidents. Later, they call a priest (Om Puri) when Mini gets possessed. Brilliant acting and outstanding cinematography haunt the audience throughout the film.


KAUN? (1999)

Kaun? has magical elements of both Ram Gopal Varma and Anurag Kashyap (screenplay). This psychological suspense thriller features Manoj Bajpayee (Bajpai), Urmila Matondkar and Sushant Singh. Wait for the twist ending and watch the movie for its cinematic brilliance.

RAAZ (2002)

Raaz, the first of Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Trilogy, was inspired by ‘What Lies Beneath’ (2000). The supernatural horror film gave both Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea a splendid start. Brilliant shots, excellent background score, scenic beauty and the use of chilling winter nights make Raaz a must-watch horror movie. In a bid to save their failing marriage, a couple moves to Ooty. Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) however feels the presence of a ghost. Malini Sharma who plays the evil spirit won accolades for her performance.


BHOOT (2003)

Ram Gopal Varma’s much-talked-about horror flick is all about a couple who moves into a new flat. However, they soon realise the flat is haunted. Things take a bad turn for Vishal (Ajay Devgn) when she finds Swati (Urmila Matondkar) behaving strangely. Known for his sheer brilliance, Ram Gopal Varma made good use of Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar. Suspense, thrill and horror served hot on a platter.

1920 (2008)

It was Vikram Bhatt who again gave Bollywood a truly terrifying movie in 1920. A couple marries against others’ wishes and moves to a manor. Things get worse when the wife gets possessed by a demonic spirit. The powerless husband has to save her at any cost. The scenes shot inside the manor gave goosebumps and left many terrified.

13 B—Fear HAS A NEW ADDRESS (2009)

Vikram Kumar’s 13 B—Fear Has a New Address is an underrated Bollywood horror movie. The movie deserved much more attention than what it got. The film revolves around a man who buys an apartment and experiences a supernatural occurrence. The soap opera which is being telecast on their television tells/shows them what will happen to his family in the future. The film was originally made in Tamil titled Yavarum Nalam (2009).

13 B

Miss these movies at your own risk! Or it should be watch these movies at your own risk?

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