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Malini in Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz, a harbinger of evil?

A married Aditya Dhanraj (Dino Morea) falls for a seductive young woman Malini (Malini Sharma), keeping Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) in the dark. However, things turn bad for Aditya when Malini, who is a mental patient, becomes obsessive and threatens to spill the beans to his wife Sanjana.

When Aditya denies approving the illicit relationship, Malini, in a fit of rage, commits suicide by shooting herself. She says Sanjana will come to know about this ‘one-night stand’. But how? She is dead. Right?

Cut to the night before the incident. It is raining hard. Cold waves are blowing. It is bitterly cold in Ooty. A perfect setting for doomsday. Malini, a damsel in distress, knocks at Aditya’s door.

Aditya is working in his candlelit room. He opens the door and sees Malini’s half-lit face, her hair wet and open. With seductive eyes and in an alluring voice, she politely asks him to provide shelter as her car gets out of order.

A confused but compassionate Aditya allows her to warm herself before a fireplace. When she returns after fetching some clothes for her, he sees a semi-nude Malini hiding her body behind a sofa and warming herself.


She recites shayaris (poems) of loneliness, love, passion and pain. A bemused Aditya looks deep into her eyes and tries to figure out what is happening to him, what is this night all about and who is Malini.

The night passes. The next morning Aditya wakes up to find Malini gone. Malini leaves a note for him as if alluring him through her poetic lines. Aditya, while returning home (Bombay/Mumbai) finds her car on a deserted street. He stops there and starts searching for her.

Malini, clad in a black dress, is playing the violin. The melancholic note attracts Aditya, who mysteriously gets attracted to her.

The song, ‘Aapke Pyar Mein’, shows their moments of lust. As Malini senses, she has no future with Aditya (Aditya lies about her presence to Sanjana when the latter calls him), she seeks all the attention from him. She asks him to leave Sanjana.

Aditya, now not in a trance, realises his folly and asks her to forget everything. An enraged Malini goes mad and starts throwing items, burning Sanjana’s photographs and even ends up beating Robert (Masood Akhtar), Aditya’s loyal home caretaker.

After she commits suicide, Aditya and Robert dug her and throw the pistol far away, deep into the jungle. Later, when all secrets get revealed, Aditya faces the challenge to save his broken marriage and Sanjana faces the toughest challenge-saving Aditya from the spirit of Malini.

Was Malini a damsel in distress or harbinger of evil?

Imagine Aditya not allowing her in. Imagine Aditya revealing that Malini is with him to Sanjana. Imagine Aditya not stopping his car.

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