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Marvel’s Venom 2018 Movie Review

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  • 6/10
    Critic's Rating - 6/10

Director Ruben Fleischer brings to us the arch nemesis of everyone’s favorite teenage hero, Spider-Man into the focus in a rather much different light than we have seen him earlier. Venom the anti hero has been seen previously as a menacing villain, far too dangerous than your run of the mill thug with a gun, with whom Spidey struggled to his toes. But this time he is without his red friend, who went to support Tony Stark to save a different parallel universe (this being the best plausible explanation you can give to someone not familiar with the character rights struggle between Sony and Marvel). Anyway, coming about the movie, it seems to be made well enough to be entertaining, learning a lot from Marvel movies about the desirable mix of humor and grip on the script, something Sony had been failing badly with the Andrew Garfield movies.

The movie begins with the view of a failed mission of a spaceship while entering the Earth’s atmosphere. It is shown that one of the alien specimen, AKA symbiotes, escaped unscathed from the accident. The key characteristic of the symbiote is that it attaches itself to a human host like a parasite (oops, I apologize) and becomes a being of superior power and strength. Later we get the introduction of our protagonist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy); a reporter in San Francisco city famous for his no bullshit and nabbing huge parties. He is asked to take an image improving interview of Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), an offer which Eddie accepts but then accuses Drake of immoral practices in his laboratories. Drake, being insanely rich, destroys Eddie’s life by getting him fired and jobless. His girlfriend, Anne(Michelle Williams) leaves him as well, bringing our hero to his granite state. Flash forward six months, and we see that one of the scientists of Drake decides to take action against the malpractices of the empire, and invites Eddie to gather evidence against Drake. With some turn of events, Eddie becomes the host of one of the symbiotes, Venom. And so the joyride begins, a fun one despite being straight forward.

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Tom Hardy plays his character with full conviction in this movie, impressing us with his already high charisma and drunken antics. He is the best thing in the movie and since the best thing is the titular character, the movie clicks. Other supporting actors play decent enough to keep the story going. But the key winner here is the awesome chase sequence right in the middle of the movie which is both fun and exciting.

Marvel's Venom 2018 Movie Review_HD_Image

The character of Venom can be looked as ridiculous to some because of his humor, but it was necessary considering the fact that the success of this movie will try to establish him as the main Anti hero in a possible miniverse. The CGI is fairly good, although the climax action sequence is not built well enough. All in all, a movie which is fun to watch at least once for some solid entertainment.

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