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Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (2019) Movie Review | Some leaves don’t blow away with the wind known as Time

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  • 7/10
    Critic's Rating - 7/10

Director Vasan Bala brings to us a movie which will probably be the most eccentric movie of 2019, all thanks to his direction. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota ( from hereby referred as mkdnh) is a movie which will easily divide it’s audiences in two groups: one which think that this movie is awesome while the other will think it is a total crash. Both will however agree that the movie is a  gutsy attempt of going total bonkers in front of the camera. Some of the audiences were clapping and hooting while the three adjacent to me left in the interval. Some moments were genuinely new and will tickle the audience while other may make you snooze deeply.

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The film begins with an action sequence of the protagonist and quickly starts a recap of his life. The exaggerated narrative isn’t hilarious but at least is implemented decently. We see how the protagonist loses his mother soon after birth to an accident caused by unsuccessful theft. He is also supposed to have congenital indifference to pain, which is a really huge gimmick pulled off successfully by the director. The protagonist Surya handled like a glass article by his father, but his grandfather teaches him to not be demoralised by his condition, and trains him to take care of himself, as well as leans his mind towards making himself strong. An accident soon separates him from his childhood friend Supri, the pillar of Surya’s life. Flash forward a few years and we see Surya grow up into a ripped Abhimanyu Dasani, who learns martial arts by watching old VHS tapes, the favourite one where one differently abled man knocks out 100 opponents. He makes this man his Sensei( Japanese for Master). And so the film goes forward, where he meets Supri again, as well as his Sensei.

Gulshan Devaiah in Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota (2018)

This action-comedy has decent performances all over, with Mahesh Manjerekar easily beating everyone else, which shouldn’t be a surprise at all. The characters are eccentric, especially the leads and that’s what is most loveable about them. Gulshan Devaiiah is pretty good in one of his two roles, and sucks in the other, which you can easily figure out while watching. The comedy is the biggest selling point of this movie, since it is fresh and rarely seems forced. Music is catchy, and editing is quite good as well. Overall, this movie is a decent benchmark for gimmicks.

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P.S. Supri boldly asks for an emergency contraceptive pill at a medical store, without being afraid of judged. That scene was surely a good step towards gender equality, and Radhika Madan and Vasan Bala must be appreciated for its neat execution.

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