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List of Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2017 Released So Far

List of Best 2017 Sci Fi Movies Released So Far

What happens when a visionary filmmaker extends his own imagination of Science. What we get to watch is a compilation of awestrucking graphics, ultra-imaginative characters and a refreshing scenario that are juxtaposed in scientifically fictionalized images, which have their roots in the filmmaker’s wild imagination.
Here is the list of best Sci-Fi movies of 2017 released so far.

9. Life  –  A thrilling Sci-fi


This “We are not alone” science fiction in which a six person ensemble embarks on a partly gravitational and partly alien space journey to a rather suffocating space station, has good performances and succeeds to create an outer space aura with all its superlative technical nuances. The film gets a little lousy when it purports to elucidate some philosophical ideas when the script pretends to question the protocols; but on the other hand such undisciplined behaviours of the characters keep the suspense in the film intact; and that makes it a decent watch for the lovers of space movies.

8. Alien Covenant – A Gory Prometheus Sequel

Alien Covenant-Poster

Alien Covenant happens to be a horrific, spine chilling and a bit gory space experience with a ferocious female lead and some other supporting performances. The apparent sequel to the Prometheus with aliens in it, in a way has nothing new to show to the audience; but  still manages to showcase a shuddering sci-fi “chiller”, that can give creeps in anticipations of fear. It is a thrilling watch for a horror movie lover, as at some points of time, it depicts the grammar of a horror movie, and it is quite evident in the terrifying death scenes in the succession of the story.


7. Kong: Skull island – A Good Reboot of a Reboot

kong-skull-island - HD Poster

This being apparently homage to one of the best war cinema Apocalypse Now, whose poster looks conspicuously inspired by that cult opus, is the best King-Kong remake; which is again shot at a place wherein an irascible, belligerent and gory Kong resides. This fairy tale of wonders is action packed and emerges out to be a modest remake; but still endears audiences with its emotionally transporting screenplay and convictional direction. Although, the characters aren’t given deserved depths but the actors chip in with terrific performances to cover the negligible pitfalls. Don’t miss the “Marvelesque” sequence at the end of the closing credits.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 – A Witty Sequel

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2-HD-Poster

While the first sequel was all about how the Guardians met and teamed up, this one happens to be an origin story. This encore is witty, entertaining, exhilarating and more importantly well made space adventure. It is an out and out roller coaster ride, and more so for a Marvel fan, who wouldn’t want to miss this one. The climax is emotionally touching and at the same time too good to believe. The stunning visuals add up to the treat and the special effects are equally impeccable. The film is backed with enthralling background score and funny comedy.

5. Spideman Homecoming  – A Smartly Crafted Flick

Spideman Homecoming_Hd-Poster

This one is a quick and what can be regarded as a breathless screenplay, which grabs the attention of an audience from the very first frame, backed by some impeccably juxtaposed anecdotes that comprises of some super entertaining, funny and tickling sequences; and in the succession of events, also gives a tangible depth to an adorably cute and skilfully precocious Spidy protagonist, who has his own morale. The sequences of the characteristic Spiderman film, in which he incessantly brachiates through the windows of the high altitude architectures, have been competently crafted and fun to watch. The emergence of universally loved Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man adds up to the likability factor of the film.

4. Wonder Woman – A Wonderful Experience


Witness the power, prowess, vigour and anger of this wonderfully blessed and skilled woman who embarks a journey to save the world from a formidable atrocity; intertwined with light moments of congruous romance and innocuous humour. The film dispels all doubts on the acting forte of Gal Gadot, as she gets into the skin of the character and masters the meticulously choreographed fight moves; and perpetually endears the audience with her charming personality. The beautifully shot Act 1 of the screenplay juxtaposed with the rough cinematography the second half are the main highlights; and the provocative message portrayed in the film makes it an amazing watch indeed.

3. War for the planet of Apes – A picturesque Man vs. Monkey Battle


This Matt Reeves’ war saga, in which the apes have more humanely characteristics than the human beings; has an absolutely astounding cinematography and makes the frames look like some kind of artistic paintings backed by tremendous special effects and mind boggling visual effects technology, which makes the apes dole out the most humanely emotions that instils nothing but awe and empathy for the character(s) in the audience. This promising war film in which the war is intercepted by an avalanche happens to be an unlikely war epic and a must watch for the Cinephiles.


2. Logan – An Amazing Finish


Experience the concluding instalment of the Wolverine Series directed by James Mangold; in which Logan, a drunk and swarthy protagonist with a rather seemingly deteriorated mutant prowess; who happens to come across an eleven years old mysteriously confident mutant and eventually becomes her mentor and protector, which gives the premise an emotional touch too. It is an unlikely Wolverine cinema in which the powers of the protagonist looked dwarfed but still real. The film has some unlikely traits for a comic book adaptation movie; for this one has a very rough texture and the qualities of believable realism. The film has a heart touching ending which makes the audience connect to the hero and feel his strength and pain at the same time – and that makes it a satisfying end.

1. Blade Runner 2049 – An Imaginative Sequel

Blade Runner 2049-HD-Poster

This is an imaginative science fiction account of a story of young blade runner who embarks on a journey of secrets that lead him to find the previous blade runner Rick Deckard, who is supposed to be missing for 30 years. The film is visually scintillating and is crafted with some stupendous use of colours. It is deviant in its archetype as it is quite unconventional in its archetype. The obscurely attenuated pace and inscrutably arcane philosophy that the filmmaker wants to convey makes it sound like some kind of gobbledygook and thus becomes a cinema for niche audience.  The science fiction framework evokes an exuded ambiguity too, which makes an audience interpret the message from their own perspective.   







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