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13 Super Scary Horror Short Films You Must Watch on Youtube

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Friday The 13th is the most dreaded day in American Culture. There have been reports of harrowing incidents that have happened on this queerly inauspicious combination of date of month and day of week. It may sound superstitious, but many people are reported to have avoided tasks as small as going to regular job to as big and important event as a business meeting because of the foreboding ominousness associated with Friday The 13th.

However, that’s not the case with Film lovers, especially the ones who are into horror short films genre. Horror film lovers around the globe love to nibble some popcorn and let some of it spill on them out of sheer horror as they watch their favourite horror films on a rather petrifying Friday The 13th.

We, at FilmSpell, have come across some mindboggling and super scary horror short films, which we thought you would love to watch on this Friday The 13th. Here’s the list of 13 scary Horror Short Films you can watch to ‘celebrate’ Friday The 13th like a true film lover –


1. Pictures

This thrilling horror short film tells a story of a woman who finds pictures in her phone that predict the near future moments. Despite the absence of spine-chilling background score or scary frames, the film keeps you at the edge of your seat in mere anticipation of what will happen next.

2. The Jigsaw 

It’s a story of a man who purchases a jigsaw puzzle from a strange vendor and what follows is a series of nerve-wrecking events that can leave you aghast. It is one of the best horror short films and has many accolades to its name.



3. One Please 

This sensitively shot Zombie archetypal movie is a horror short film with a disturbing ending. The film only goes to tell that parents can sacrifice anything for their children. Watch it till the end to get creeps.



4. In The Ruins 

‘In The Ruins’ is based on the short horror story of the same name by Roald Dahl. Even though, there is no element like soul shaking background music or sharp camera pans in this short horror film, the mere expressions on the face of characters in the end pack a wallop.



5. Pieces

Yet again, using a jigsaw puzzle as a narrative tool, this one makes sure that it gives chills galore to the audiences. A lonely woman moves to her deceased grandmother’s home and goes through a quavering supernatural experience – enough reason to watch this horror short film.



6. Lights Out

If you are the one who likes a slow yet suspense culminating screenplay with a frightening end sequence, Lights Out is the horror short film for you. Do not confuse the title with the 2016 Horror film of the same name.



7. I Heard It Too

A perpetually scared child hears weird sounds. Her mother pulls her and says, “I heard it too”. The door opens by itself, and the girl shrouds her face with blanket in sheer trauma. Watch this horror short film to find out who is looking for her.



8. On The Road Again

The protagonist driving on a road stops at place to pee. Latterly, he finds a strange looking girl continuously coming in his way. He ignores only until she blocks his path. He gets out, runs, she follows and gets vanished. Where is she? Only the end of this horror short film can tell you.



9. Leaning

This is perhaps the most weird and eerie one from the lot. This is because it has the elements of thriller and horror both. It basically portrays the antagonist as a serial killer; however the treatment of the scenario like use of Holy Cross for protection gives it a shape of horror genre. Watch it for a complete cinematic experience.



10. Sleepy Eyes

Some horror films do not need a sequence in which a ghost literally shows up to scare you. They just have the right audio-visuals and a setup that manage to induce a spooky feel. Sleepy Eyes is one of those. Watch it to know where that hair-raising sound of metal is coming from.




11. Mannequin

It is a quivering horror short film in which a costume designer girl working in an old theatre starts experiencing paranormal activities due to an uncanny mannequin. Watch this award winning film for a thrilling experience.



12. The Eidolon State

The most part of this falls in the genre of a soul shuddering psychological thriller. It tells a story of a guy who keeps having nightmares of a tall, faceless man chasing him. Watch the film to know who wants to confront him.



13. Belongings

New house, a mother moving it with her daughter and a strange sketchbook are some elements that make up for a good horror flick. However, what’s so scary about this horror short film is there is nothing supernatural about it. Watch it to find out who kills the girl and then her mother.


Last Friday The 13th, we had come up with the list of 13 scariest horror films of all time, which are spine-tingling and alarming. However, with appropriate camera angles and juxtaposition of image along with some smart work at the editing table, even horror short films can give its audience frightening shivers.

Hope all of you fellow Cinephiles have a thrilling night with these super scary horror short films. Do let us know the horror short film you found the best among these and why!

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