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Analysis of a Mockbuster : Avengers Grimm Time Wars

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Analysis of a Mockbuster
Avengers Grimm Time Wars

Movies in general can be easily classified into either good movies or bad movies. But the key factor here is perception. What is a good movie for me may not be the same for you. Everyone has different tastes and opinions, and it is a highly difficult task to please all. Compared to that, it is relatively easy to disappoint and anger all, which is why we know there are some movies which are considered bad by everyone who has watched it. Some examples which jump into our mind immediately are Ben Affleck’s Gigli, Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger and many more. Hated by all, these movies were expected to make it big at the box office, but failed miserably. But what about those movies which weren’t expected to be successful in the first place? Yes, there are movies made solely for the purpose of extracting out its budget and some profit, and in no way meant for leaving a mark in the history. These movies are called Mockbusters. Mockbusters try to tap in the success of blockbusters by having similar names, and sometimes themes. Since the only purpose of a Mockbuster is to make profit, thus they are made on a shoestring budget. So, recently I got to watch a Mockbuster, Avengers Grimm Time Wars, which is why I try to present you it’s analysis.

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“Perfection is rarely an achievement in the first attempt. Anything else is more or less a stroke of luck.”

The story of Avengers Grimm Time Wars is actually a sequel to Avengers Grimm, but gives us just enough clarification to watch this on standalone. Characters from different fairy tales exist in parallel realities, and have invaded the same world (Hint: it’s ours). Prince Charles Charming has a magic ring, which he when slides into the finger of the one who he wants to marry, would become the ruler of all the land. He escapes the captivity of Princess Magdalena of Atlantis, the Queen of Oceans, since she is half insane. Watching all this is Alice of Wonderland, who frees SnowWhite to protect the world from Magdalena’s wrath. SnowWhite is the love interest of Prince Charles, and is our main protagonist of the story. She is accompanied by Sleeping beauty and Red Riding hood to fight Magdalena and save this world from her cruel plans. Another key player in this story is Rum-Pelt-Stilt-Skin, who manipulates everyone around him for his own motives. Not only the whole plot is unnecessarily complex, but is confusing at many times as well.

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Any movie depends heavily on the acting prowess of its characters, and this is where this movie fails miserably. All the main characters, with the possible exception of Rum-Pelt-Stilt-Skin, are enacted very, very badly. But the real criminals are the background actors, who do their jobs with literally zero conviction. The direction of the movie is pretty sloppy too, with almost ridiculous scenes present in the movie totally irrelevant to the story. Art direction is non existent. Cinematography is bland. Action sequences look like they have been directed by a school teacher. Editing of the movie is maybe the only thing that is not nauseating.

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Since the movie, Avengers Grimm Time Wars is supposed to have a low budget, things like awful CGI and art direction is understandable. But the poor performances by the actors really imply zero effort, and this is where the movie fails truly. At the end of Avengers Grimm Time Wars, you feel heavily relieved. This is exactly what deserves to be called a bad movie.

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