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5 Best War Movies of 2016

Best International War Movies of 2016

Sounds of the bullets spurting out of those deadly machine guns, the picturesque visuals of aircrafts gliding between the clouds and the massacre maneuvered by the battle tanks, backed with bloodshed, war trauma, casualities, emergencies and reinforcements; and any aspect that is intrinsic to a war is terrifically displayed in this list of best International War Movies released on 2016. List has both best of foreign war films 2016 and best of Hollywood war films 2016.

5. Dvadtsat vosem panfilovtsev (Panfilov’s 28 Men) – Russia


Russians are known as great defenders of their motherland. This war movie is based on the true story of 28 Red army men, who stood against the world’s most devastating and powerful Nazi army to stop them to conquer Moscow.

It is perhaps the most anticipated film projects in recent years, offering each viewer relive what it was to take the brunt of the advancing Germans in the icy November of 1941

4. Siege of Jadotville – Ireland


It is a felicitous tribute to the unsung heroes of Irish UN battalion, who fought chivalrously against the Katangese and other mercenaries in 1961. This low budget Netflix war drama, based on the siege is thoroughly entertaining and absolutely engaging. Siege of Jadotville is a fitting portrayal of battle, politics, valour and above all forgotten history.

3. The King’s Choice(Kongens nei) – Norway

kings Choice

When in 1940, the savagery and devastation of the Word war II started, one small peaceful country was not willing to participate in this mass killing. But in front of German aggression, you can’t remain neutral, you will have to take a side. The King’s Choice is a Norwegian film based on the action taken place over the 3 days when German ships appeared in Norwegian cost. This movie is related to King Haakon VII’s decision; support a continuation of fighting the German invasion forces or support going along with German demands and surrender Norway to Nazi Germany and the Norwegian collaborator Vidkun Quisling. A historic event and excellent cinematography made this movie a must watch.

2. Land of Mine(Under sandet) – Denmark


Based on a true event, “Land of mine” is a brutal, unsparing tale of some very young German PoW, who were compelled to defuse the landmines from the western coast of Denmark.

War not only kills humans, it also brutally murders humanity…… while watching this Danish masterpiece this is one message which will go straight into your hearts. This excruciating war drama with spectacular locations, brilliant characterization and a gripping storyline will show you an altogether different side of war and its aftermath!.

1. Hacksaw Ridge – USA

Hacksaw Ridge

The brutal aggression and bloodshed of WW II are not unknown to us. But any example of humanity amidst this barbarism helps us to keep our faith on benevolence. Hacksaw Ridge is an extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss who saved 75 people during WW Il. It beautifully showcases the contrast between a simple man’s unconventional beliefs and the viciousness of warfare. This directorial venture of Mel Gibson gives a different angle to this genre, it’s a sublime tale of war, hope, love and commitment.

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