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5+ Best Mystery Movies of 2016

Grab a tub of popcorn as a munching, only to let some of them drop out of your jaw; while these choicest of mystery films of 2016 unleash the most shocking, staggering, confounding and thunderbolting mysteries, backed with some serious curiosity inducing frames and arcane scenarios.Here is the filmspell list of best International Mystery Movies released on 2016. List has both best of foreign mystery films 2016 and best of Hollywood mystery films 2016.

6. The Silenced

The Silenced

The Silenced is a Korean Female-Driven thriller directed by Lee Hye-Yeong, is one of the most Effective Cold thrillers. This is A Maze of surprised in the format of Stardust. Filled with clues and Laced up with Surprises. This appears to follow the Homogenous style of a typical Korean horror film, Never expect any Supernatural plots. It was Intended to be a Supernatural yet Mystery Film.

5. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

This film was directed by Dan Trachtenberg as a Science-Fiction, Psychological horror including some extra-terrestrial creatures to act in the scenes. The story takes a wild twist and turn tracks and at the end, everything in your perception changes into something really unpredictable. The story is Laced up with and scattered with Loads of clues.

4. Personal Shopper


The movie is as queer as its name! This unsettling psychological thriller from Olivier Assayas is intriguing and very much ambiguous! There is horror, mystery, murder….but throughout the film you would experience some sort of desolation! Kristen Stewart’s brilliant portrayal of Maureen will take you to a journey full of grief, loss, fear, anxiety and leave you with too many unanswered questions.

3. The Invisible Guest

the invisible guest

What happens when a hotshot entrepreneur is found in a locked hotel room with the body of his mistress? This edge-of-your-seat Spanish thriller from Oriol Paulo is full of twists and turns. Even though the end is a bit predictable, you won’t experience a single dull moment throughout the flick!


2. The Wailing

the wailling

Within Many Mainstream Korean Horror movies, The Wailing withstands on the Top 5 positions. Na Hong-Jin Directed “The Wailing” is Stuffed with riotous Supernatural Gore and Horror. The whole Movie on the watch with Distressed Fear and Horror Starts to feel Less like a Direct Scary story than it does a Ceremonial Summon of the Devil. This Film deals with The Demonic Possessions and its resurrections. In The end, It tried to Feature some Comedy Relating to some Grim Sights.

1. Arrival


Are we alone in this infinite universe? Is there some more advanced civilization watching us? What happened if they really exist and we need to face them. These are unknown questions for everyone. Some people are inquisitive about this question but all unknown mystery opens the door of fear.  Arrival is one of the special kind of movie to show how human civilization reacted when these questions comes. Movie starts with 12 giant space pod arrived across the world that put mankind teeters on the verge of global war. Aliens don’t speak English at all, they communicate in some sign language which is some complex stuff that not related with any earthly languages. Dr. Louise Banks(Amy Adams), is a linguist who specializes in rare languages and the team race against the time for answer.

Arrival is based on the short story “The Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang which centers on the concept of linguistic relativity. A layered film to show how much it is important to communicate meaningfully to each culture to survive human race. One of the best mystery science fiction film.

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