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5+ Best Romance Movies of 2016

Films that imbue a romantic air around you and make you feel awestruck by catering some of the most palpable emotions of love; while also making you nostalgic about about the good times you have spent with your bae. Experience the aura of romance in this list of best International Romance Movies released on 2016. List has both best of Foreign romance films 2016 and best of Hollywood romance films 2016.

5. Unforgettable (Pure Love) – South Korea



Unforgettable is a sweet story about five friends, their bonding and their trip down memory lane. This appealing movie about long-lost friendship reminds us of our childhood with silly acts, childish love and heartbreaks. The unique direction, some noteworthy performances and the unexpectedly twisted climax make this poignant melodrama a must watch.

4. Tanna – Australia/Vanuatu


Tanna is an extremely interesting piece of film making, it is based on a true story and the aboriginals were hired to portray characters in the film which added much more emotion to the overall story. It’s indeed very special that first time a complete group of non-actors, who have not acted prior to this movie, received a recognition at the Oscars. The story revolves around the pacific island, the typical rainforest, an active volcano and two lovers and their passionate story.

3. La La Land – America


Mia a struggling actress, and Sebastian, a jazz pianist, fall in love with each other although they have their own differences. They try hard to stay connected as both of their career paths begin to steer away and they are forced to face the challenges in their growing relationship. It is the perfect classic musical with the combined chemistry of dance-music and love. This movie with its unique character and style has all the essential ingredients to make an exemplary love story.

2. Being 17 (Quand on a 17 ans) – France


Being Seventeen is a tale of two classmates Damien and Thomas, who share a somewhat hostile relationship. The story takes a turn when Damein’s mother Marianne invites Thomas to stay in their house and eventually the two boys fall for each other. His mother calmly accepts his declaration of sexual attraction to a classmate. This movie cannot just be classified as a LGBT film, it has much more to offer. It has a layered screenplay and is filled with small gestures and unique moments, which are exceptional. This film has depicted life in a realistic way and is worth a watch.

1.Sing Street – Ireland


Sing Street is a feel good musical set in the 80s. it’s a story of a Dublin boy who wants to get out of his family ties and set up a classic backstreet band with a bunch of friends and meanwhile he tries hard to woo a weird older girl he has fallen for. This movie is mesmerising and a treat to watch with perfect blend of humour and music that will take you back to the 80s and will leave an everlasting impression on you.

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