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7+ Best Horror Movies of 2016

List of Best Horror Movies 2016

Horror movies are often underestimated, but the truth is…. if they are coupled with psychological twists and mysterious twirls, then they can give a tough fight to the other favoured genres. It’s needless to say that, these films have their own flavor to hook you up. Some are real events, some are absolute work of fiction and some feature cannibalism while some are total barbarous. Regardless of the flavor, these can make a Perfect Popcorn time with Netflix.

Here are list of best horror movies of 2016 ranging from gory biblical stories to found footage spooky thrillers:

8. Blair Witch – USA

Blair Witch

Adan Wingard Directed Blair witch is more of a Found-footage Horror kind. This film followed the footsteps of the 1999 horror masterpiece, but lagged behind in delivering the psychological thrills and unearthly feeling of it’s prequel. Still it’s a great horror-thriller in its own right. The dark, dense forest ,the helpless bunch of youngsters and above all the witch and her witchcraft will be enough to give you an ominous feeling, which will continue to haunt you even after the movie is over.

7. Ouija: Origin of Evil – USA


Enter the world of the mysterious and mystifying with the Ouija board. You’ve got questions and the spirit world has answers – Hasbro’s Ouija board game. This is simple board game with this product description and also it comes with some caution. –

Do not use the Ouija board –
          *  in a graveyard or operating or non-operating church.
          *  at the scene of an accident, mass death or murder.
          *  in a home that has infants or young children, or a place like a park or playground.

Mike Flanagan’s  Ouija: Origin of Evil is based on the story about what happened when all the three cautions were violated. The story is based on a small family with a widowed mother and two sisters in 1967 Los Angeles. Story turns when they unintentionally invited evil spirit. Breath taking suspense and some unexpected twist and turn will stop your breath and take you to a journey of unthinkable horror and creep.

6. Baskin – Turkey


This Spine-tingling Turkish Masterpiece is a Montage of Real and Imaginary characters, which are totally backed by a very strong storyline. This absolutely gory mystery horror flick will cause heavy adrenaline rush and at the same time will surprise you with it’s captivatingly smooth narrative. This movie draws inferences from Bible and takes horror to an altogether different level.

5. Autopsy of jane doe – UK

the autopsy of jane doe

“When performing an autopsy, even the most inveterate spiritualist would have to question where the soul is.” – Anton Chekhov

Autopsy of Jane Doe is based on the supernatural experiences of a father and son duo while examining the body of an unidentified woman. The story starts with an unknown body discovered buried in the basement of the home of a brutally murdered family. Every dead body has mystery and answers for his/her death, a father (Brian Cox) and son (Emile Hirsch) team of coroners try to break that mystery. When the investigation proceeds, things start to get more and more mysterious  and this dead body of a beautiful young women begins to reveal some hellish secrets. This André Øvredal venture is one of the best single location horror movies I have ever seen.

4. The Conjuring 2 – USA


“The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case” is the sequel of famous horror flick “The Conjuring”,  directed by James Wan. The film is based on one of the terrifying cases handled by  Ed and Lorraine Warren ( paranormal investigators) when they travel to north London to assist the Hodgson family. A  single mother raising four children alone in a house  who are experiencing extrasensory activities at their house. People usually get afraid and  run away when they could not find answer to unknown feelings, presence of dark power or any paranormal activity. But few people like Ed and Lorraine,  try to reason out the causes and daringly face all uncanny situations. The conjuring 2 is all about their journey. In this horror thriller movie, James Wan also gives a flavour of drama, romance and creepiness throughout.  The realistic background setup will take you back to 1977.

3. The Witch (A New-England Folktale) – USA

The Witch

“What went we out into this wilderness to find.” ……..

The 17Th Century set-up, the biblical analogies, it’s slow build-up and above all some groundbreaking performances make The VVitch a genre-busting flick. Despite the Name, keeping the Witchcraft aside, this cerebral and unpredictable thriller is one of the most delightful horror movies to watch.

2. Under the Shadow – Iran


What happens when a free-spirited woman is trapped in a society full of religious fanatics? Under the Shadow is one of the best layered movies of 2016, based on a unique story of a mother and her daughter in a Tehran apartment during the Iran-Iraq war. Although this movie is categorized as Horror but the director ( Babak Anvari) showcases an inner depth of the society by portraying the suffocation and trepidation of sharia law with the metaphorical sprite. A realistic foundation of supernatural story and lot of symbolism make Under the Shadow a distinctive movie, which gives a totally different aspect to its viewer.

1. Seklusyon – Philippines


Whom you will worship, God or Devil, if you cannot find the differences between good and bad? Is the human sin that make feelings of righteous indignation about evil ?  Seklusyon is a rare kind of movie where director Erik Matti‘ digs the battle of one’s inner demons and delivers a criticism against the religious fallacies. The film is set in 1947, the aspiring  Priests are sent to  a remote convent to live in Seklusyon where they will achieve the utter faith in God and shield themselves from the evil of the world. The metaphorical presentation and biblical passages give a different angle to this film.

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