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Why Cheat India (2019) Movie Review | Immorality is the quagmire which feels like a Jacuzzi

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Director Soumik Sen brings to us a movie which tried to be a waking slap across the face of every individual who has equated good grades with better morals, but I’m the end it rather turned out to be neutral. The movie highlights the defects in the educational system which in its exponential growth in the last two decades has garnered glaring faults. Frequently, people have been blaming the education system whenever they are rewarded for their unilateral efforts with paltry results. But in the event of success, it is praised and called justified. But really, the film’s strength lies in its good direction, commonly felt theme and of course the effortless charm of Emraan Hashmi. “Why Cheat India” cleverly gets the viewers to like the protagonist which is noteworthy since it is a grey character (maybe the viewers were impressed to see Hashmi focused on his work rather than seducing the females around).

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The movie begins with the narration of Hashmi about the life of a typical middle class boy Satyendra, fondly called Sattu (played well by Snighadeep Chatterjee) who aims to fulfill the dreams of his father, by getting admission in the top engineering College of the country. For this his father takes no risk, and not only spends heavily on his tuition fees, but also warns him against failure of any kind. Sattu succeeds, and his father celebrates by distributing sweets and taking out a rally, which is not unheard of in small towns. A chance encounter with Rakesh Singh (Hashmi) gives him an opportunity to earn quick bucks, by giving regional exams in place of rich spoilt brats. Rakesh makes a lot of money by this, and also makes a lot of connections, especially in colleges, where he assures Sattu that he needn’t worry about anything as long as he kept studying and helping his other spoilt graduating students. Sattu’s elder sister Nupur (Shreya) falls for Rakesh’s charm, but Rakesh keeps her on hook despite being married. Later, Sattu is expelled from his college due to drugs found in his room. Rakesh arranges for a fake degree and job in Qatar citing connections, and closes the chapter. Rakesh moves to another batch and starts targeting post graduate students as well. Meanwhile, we also find more about Rakesh’s background, with family and much more successful brother. Anything more might be spilling out the main parts of the movie, but be assured, the movie continues to firmly hold your attention with a good story plot.

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The movie is fairly entertaining throughout, and is well written and directed. The music is not upto the Emraan Hashmi standards, but can make do. Emraan Hashmi has given a rather good performance after a long break. Shreya Dhanvantary is also very good in her role, and so is rest of the cast. The movie could have been a bit more hard hitting though, with need of more humor as the subject requires such. The ending does not disappoint as well, and is quite impressive. Overall, this is a decent family movie, and Emraan Hashmi fans should surely watch this one.

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