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What we may expect in Game of Thrones Season 8

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As the new season of  Game of Thrones unfolds and anticipation awaits, there are few fan theories ding the rounds ahead of Season 8.
Samwell Tarly might well be the narrator and the entire story of Game of Thrones might be told from his point of view. He’s a character who is in the margins but still has been a fair amount of time in the series. He’s a subdued one but still he keeps lurking in everywhere. As a frequent  reader, he might well know web a story as complex as this and make it engaging.

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And the most plausible story of where Daernerys Targeryen arc  will go  is that she’ll become  a White Walker after Jon Snow kills her.  In the book it is said that Azor Ahai forged his famous flaming sword Lightbringer by plunging it into the heart of his beloved wife, Nissa Nissa.  John Snow might be Azor ahai reborn and to replunge his Lightbringer, he’ll need to kill Daernerys.

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Jon Snow might ride a dragon and this theory has been around for a long time. Now, that is confirmed that Jon has Targaryen blood, it  seems like a possibility.  Not only Jon has the blood but Jon has already formed a healthy bond with the dragon.  Somebody has to ride into the battle and the the most probable person to ride it is Jon Snow. And  we might see Jon Snow riding Rhaegar.
The confrontation between Hound and Moutain is the best striking thing as Hound has always wanted to kill Mountain and it might be big possibility that  his wish will come true in the final season.

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There is also a possibility that Jon and Daenerys might have a child. Now that she has slept with John Snow, she might be pregnant with Jon’s child in season 8. There is also a distinct possibility that King’s Landing burns. We have seen glimpses of this in season 2 when Daenerys had a vision and in season 4 where Bran had multiple flashbacks.  Given the current state of Westeros, this is most likely to happen.  Cersei Lannister has no plans of leaving King’s Landing  and eventually this will leave  Daenerys no choice but to smoke Cersei out.  Cersei may even do it herself  as she has no problems with burning things with Wildfire.

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Theon Greyjoy might eventually turn to be a hero. He’s a man with a mission. He may have abandoned his sister but after his showdown at the beach, Theon was baptized at the sea. Theon must kill his uncle even as he may not save his sister on time. Theon has gone through a lot and this might be his final chance at redemption and he might be at peace at last.

The Night King has a target and it’s definitely Bran.  He had opportunities to kill Jon and Daenerys but he didn’t, so his prime target is Bran.  Bran is the only character from his point of view George RR Martin starts writing the book underlines the importance of his character. Jojen also tells Bran that he’s the only thing that matters.  Benjen also tells him to be ready when The Night King comes.  The simple reason Bran is the target because he’s the three-eyed raven or three-eyed crow, so he’s the only person in the world that can defeat him.  The Night King and the three-eyed raven are ancient enemies.

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