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Ozark Season 3 review | Netflix Series | Ozark returns with yet another impressive season

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“Broken promises have consequences.”


With Coronavirus ensuring gradual worldwide lockdown, it’s time to stick to the various streaming platforms for entertainment. Well, luckily, one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix, Ozark returned for a scheduled third season this Friday (after a two-year gap since season two).

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Ozark gained limelight for being a modern enhancement of Breaking Bad- where rather than making drugs, it’s about laundering the drug money. The star cast Jason Bateman (as Marty Bryde) and Laura Linney (as Wendy Bryde) have played a stellar job as a couple so far: by migrating from Chicago to avert their past mistakes and settle in a small town of Ozark. Well, with its trailer, it was pretty clear that this season would be based on expansion of their newly setup lakeside Casino and the differences which would emerge between the two: sparking-off explosions of warehouses which will destroy them to an extent. One of the characters who found place in the central storyline & increased screentime Julia Garner, as Ruth Langmore, the “blonde Nazi” returns for a crucail role.

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Season 3 kicks-off with a plan to throw a charity for the senator of the state. This would boost Bryde Enterprise’s popularity in the area and as well as give them some political visibility to carry on with their illegal activities under the table. However, feeling the pressure Marty has been coping up with, Wendy felt obliged to accelerate their business and expand. An alerted & cautious Marty Byrde declines the suggestion and asks his wife to keep the head low. However, Wendy had made up her mind and the fallouts were inevitable. What follows is an array of miscalculated adventures, lies, gang-wars and psychological setback that set things in motion in this season.

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Even though it’s a show driven by the two Bryde characters, this time, the most personal, touching and perhaps the most astounding part of the story was the entry of Ben (Tom Pelphrey), Wendy’s troubled and sick brother. His visit lightens up the moods of the kid because of his childish character. However, he invites trouble. Situations which seemed initially calm & predictable, gradually spiraled out of control. Ruth’s soft character was visible for the first time ever when Ben started dating her. Being grounded to few characters, enough time was granted for character development- forming the core for a show like Ozark.

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At the end, it’s all about business which means moving money efficiently and looking for new avenues to grow. When conflicts of interest occur and business go through successive losses, the best of humans break. Marty & Bryde would have to take tough decisions & sacrifice to ensure the motion set by them is corrected before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Julia Garner has emerged as a terrific star through this show.

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It will be interesting to see how Ozarks’ story would evolve in the future seasons. But for now, it is here to say with its impressive work. However, there’s a room for shortening the season. No one knows how subtly the side characters can involve converging in the main story arc.

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