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Jalebi Movie Review | To move on in life can be impossible unless you see it love living happily

  • 5/10
    Critic's Rating - 5/10

“To move on in life can be impossible unless you see it love living happily”

Director Pushpdeep Bhardwaj brings to us a love story which is very aptly titled. Like Jalebi the sweet, the movie is tasty at beginning but saturates quickly to wear off our interest. And the storyline too is a simple one complicated for entertainment purposes, much like the sweet itself. Overall, the movie is a decent way to spend your Sunday afternoons, once in a while.


The movie, Jalebi begins with a devastated bride, Aayesha (Rhea Chakraborty), who just canceled her engagement, sharing her grief with her father. She cannot move on from her past, and wants a last shot for trying to do it by going to New Delhi for book reading. The train journey from Mumbai, she finds out soon, that she’ll be sharing it with a woman (Digangana Suryawanshi) and her little daughter. She seems unfazed by it, rather finding it a nice distraction until the time she learns that the woman is her ex husband’s second wife. Already trying to run from her past but hit in the face by it, Aayesha breaks down, and quite a number of times if you count them, but tries to put a brave face on. Flashbacks to the past show us how Aayesha and her husband (Varun Mitra) met, fall in love, and get married. The road to her acceptance of the past is the journey of Aayesha that we see in the rest of the movie.


The love story is simple and nice, and will win hearts of most. Rhea Chakraborty is still cute, even after all these years we waited for her debut. Although her character is only two dimensional, one being the bubbly diva and the other being the queen of grief. Digangana looks attractive as well. But the leading ladies are stumped by Varun Mitra, who is the winner in the acting department.


The direction is decent enough to cover up any possible flaws, but it cannot make up for the lacking in the screenplay. Again, Jalebi doesn’t try to be the most glorious love story, just your average neighborhood one. But the best thing about the movie, which has become typical of Vishesh films, is its catchy music and songs, which soothe your ears for a while. Aiming low, the movie hits its mark, and turns out to be a decent family entertainer.

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