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Sanjeev Kumar stressed on importance of silence in cinema

Sanjeev Kumar, born Harihar Jethalal Jariwala, would have turned a year older today. But the actor passed away on November 6, 1985, at the age of 47. However, we continue to remember him for his stellar performances in cinema. In fact, he showed the importance of silence in cinema. Instead of words and sounds, he used his silence and expressions the most. He projected his emotions through his silence.

For me, it was Gulzar’s Koshish (1972), which made me his fan. There cannot be a better test of an actor’s skill than to see him in a deaf and mute role. No dialogue. Koshish was a huge test for him. But his genius, superb acting skills and prowess helped Sanjeev Kumar deliver one of the best performances in the history of Hindi cinema.

In Koshish, Sanjeev Kumar is Haricharan Mathur, a deaf-mute newspaper delivery person. He marries Aarthi (Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan), another deaf-mute. What follows is sign language.

We can relate some of the most emotional moments in the film to the children born to them. One can never match his performance in those scenes. He pretends to speak on the phone. Aarthi gives birth to a normal child. But they lose the baby.

However, hopelessness does not bring them down. Sanjeev Kumar plays the role of a deaf and mute person with élan. He successfully projects the conflicts, the pain, the pathos and the struggles.

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